Utility Box Wraps

To edit later: Opportunity to work in a public art sphere, photo montages of 3d work on a 2d surface

Individual Installations

Outside the Inner Kingdom

Original Medium: Ceramic Assemblage

Location: 15th and I in Sacramento

The utility box is in front of Super Pan & E Tea which serves food from Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. I wanted to design an image that complemented the fusion spirit of the restaurant. A few years ago, I traveled to Thailand and this provided me with the fodder to build a freestanding 8’ tall ceramic sculpture based on my memories and experiences there, titled Inner Kingdom. Similar to a cabinet of curiosities, the sculpture is embedded with wonderful objects just waiting to be discovered by the viewer. Although the design of the utility box wrap uses images of the ceramic sculpture in a flattened format, there is one panel with the entire sculpture while the others are composites of details recontextualized for maximum visual stimulation.


Original Medium: Ceramic Assemblage

Location: 8th & F Streets, Davis, CA


The ongoing “Think Outside the Box” project of the Davis Arts & Culture Program is aimed at transforming everyday public utilities into lively pieces of art.

Embroidered Sewing Pattern Covers

Original medium: Hand embroidery on canvas

Location: 8th & Capitol Ave Streets (legacy work from 2014)

Stay Awhile

Original Artwork:

Location: 8th & Capitol Ave Streets

6’ x 28” x 24”